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Gmail Inbox Widget

I build a widget that shows the contents of the Gmail Inbox on android cellphones.

It is available on the market, and listed on cyrket.

qrcode that leads to the gmail inbox widget in the market

The widget supports multiple accounts (one per widget). When clicking it you can choose to refresh it, start Gmail, or re-configure it.

Currently it is available only in one size o (4x2) but I aim to add more sizes soon.

Additionally, there is an app which shows some debug information (so, if you encounter crashes and want to contact me regarding your problems, I will likely ask you about the output of the debug app.)

The widget was tested on an Nexus S (Gingerbread, android 2.3) and on an HTC Desire (Froyo, android 2.2).

Currently, the widget

Things I would like to add

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


screenshot 1 of the widget screenshot 2 of the widget

Copying settings

Since it can be quite tedious to configure the formatting options, you can email them (e.g. to yourself ;-) and then copy and paste them from your email client into your widget.

To email (i.e. export) the settings, go to settings, click on “Send config” and enter the email address where you want to send it.

To import the settings, mark them in your email client andcopy them to the clipboard. Then go to the settings of the widget, click on “Parse config”, and then paste the text into the input field in the dialog.

Older versions

Here is an archive of previous release of the widget:


I would like to thank Jonas Larsson for some extremely useful hints.